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Reiki Level II Certification 

. Duration:7 hrs··. Price:$278

Beginners Magic of Herbalism Class 

. Duration:5 hrs··. Price:$158

Advanced Level IET 

. Duration:7 hrs 30 mins··. Price:$258

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3 reviews
  • Elisa G.·

    My 1st IET session, and all I can say is—wow… it was a vibrating spiritual release reset experience…one I will never forget. Veronica made me feel welcomed, heard, and understood 🤍

  • Ana·

    Veronica is a very down to earth person with a very soothing energy. She was able to give me some insights on what’s going on in my life and I was able to start working on toxic patterns that sometimes i’m not aware I have.
    I highly recommend getting a ready with Veronica for more clarity in your life.

  • RP·

    I've been fortunate enough to have experienced IET, Reiki and Intutive Counseling services from Veronica. My absolute favorite and most transformative experience was the IET session. It's very relaxing and liberating. The changes in your life that naturally manifest soon after are something everyone should experience. Explaining it really doesn't do it any justice since the experience is different for everyone. However if you feel like you're stuck in certain areas of your life and need help pushing through, an IET session is highly recommended as a highly impactful start!